Sponsoring the Valor Awards

The 100 Club has been a major supporter of the Annual Valor Awards as the Platinum Sponsor since 2010! This year along with their platinum sponsorship, they will also be providing additional funding so that Police, Fire & EMS Academy graduates from each jurisdiction, college or university will receive a Table of 10 to attend to the Valor Awards.

The 100 Club Helps Fund PulsePoint

The 100 Club worked with the Richmond Ambulance Authority on funding the PulsePoint. The PulsePoint Respond smart phone application is provided to citizens in the Richmond area through a grant from The 100 Club. This app can significantly strengthen the “chain of survival” by improving bystander response to cardiac arrest victims and increasing the chance that lifesaving steps will be taken prior to the arrival of emergency medical services. "You know the difference early CPR and defibrillation can make in a Sudden Cardiac Arrest event. Fifty-seven percent of U.S. adults say they’ve had CPR training, and most would be willing to use CPR or an AED to help save a stranger’s life. Yet only 11%

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